I'm Hamza Hamidi, Software engineer, AI Enthusiast and Passionate problem solver.

I'm originally from Rabat, Morocco but these days I live in Lille, France.

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A little more about me.

I've always loved spending way too much time on the computer. I spent my teens tinkering with Photoshop, writing c/c++ code and building websites.

My curiosity led me to dig deep into the world of computer science, and I eventually decided to pursue a degree in the field.

After graduating, I began working as a software engineer, where I've been applying my knowledge and skills to a variety of projects. I've also been able to expand my understanding of AI and machine learning by working on projects that involve these technologies. I am always seeking to learn new technologies and methodologies to improve my development skills and stay current with the latest advancements in the industry.


The duct tape that keeps the world together!

My big passion was always to contribute to open source projects, especially in javascript. The followings are some of the projects I contribute to:

AJSF (Angular Json Schema Form)

An Angular library which generates forms from a JSON schema! The library and is not affiliated with any organization & is an update to angular2-json-schema-form.

The library features over 70 different JSON Schemas and the ability to quickly view any example formatted with Material Design, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, or without any formatting.

Feel free to test the online Demo or open an issue in the main repository.

Contributions to AJSF are always welcome.


One of the maintainers of the repository.

Prettier-eslint formats your JavaScript using prettier followed by eslint.

Contributions to prettier-eslint are always welcome.

Todo List

An Ionic application I started in 2018. I used Firebase as a Back End. Todo List is available as a mobile application (Android, IOS, Windows phone), but also as a Progressive Web Application. Todo List has many features like sharing notes, upload images, Speech Recognition...

Contributions to the public repository are always welcome. I use Zenhub for project planning. I also use Travis-CI for Continous Integration & Code Climate to review the code. Both of them are used against Pull request for testing.

Live Demo is also available as a Progressive Web Application.


An open-source full-stack app framework based on React, GraphQL, Meteor, and MongoDB, with now more than 5000 stars and 150 contributors.


"The mother of all demo apps" an Exemplary fullstack Medium.com clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more.

While most "todo" demos provide an excellent cursory glance at a framework's capabilities, they typically don't convey the knowledge & perspective required to actually build real applications with it.

RealWorld solves this by allowing you to choose any frontend (React, Angular 2, & more) and any backend (Node, Django, & more) and see how they power a real world, beautifully designed fullstack app called "Conduit"..


For those of you tired of using Google tools like Google docs ... then you're not the only ones! And if you want to do something about this! Here's the solution!

etherpad-lite is an open source real-time collaborative document editing.


Like coding, but without all the errors.

More On Medium >

Add test coverage to your Angular project CI 2020

If you want to display the code coverage of your Angular project, this tutorial is the way to go.

In this tutorial we’ll be using Travis-CI & codecov.

Here's the Github repository containing the source code of the tutorial.

Optimize React web apps with webpack-bundle-analyzer 2019

Optimize your react applications bundles using webpack-bundle-analyzer.

Ionic project: Continuous Integration with Travis for gh-pages 2018

An article where I'm sharing my experience with setting up Continuous Integration with Travis for an Ionic 2/3 project.

Here's the Demo & the BUILDS.

Paypal checkout workflow with vue js and sails js 2017

A simple paybal application using VueJs & sailJs.


Comming soon!


You gotta learn to let them go.

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